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Welcome to the Private Cloud as a Service Platform Technical Documentation

Get started

Start here for the first steps on working in our OpenShift environment.

Build, deploy and maintain apps

Best practices on the platform.

Training and learning

Free OpenShift training

Read about the free training that is offered on the Platform and get access to other learning resources.


Rocket.Chat will be your main communication channel for platform updates and support while you work in the B.C. Government Private Cloud PaaS. Read about the steps to join Rocket.Chat

Log in to Rocket.Chat

Platform community MeetUps

Every 3 weeks, we host a platform community MeetUp where product teams from across the B.C. government give technical demos of their application.

Learn how to register for this and other events.

Dive deeper

Get support on the platform

Report a platform incident

If you think an incident has occurred with our services, you can report it by following these steps.

Get help or support

We follow a community-based support model. You can use our self-serve resources or ask for help from the platform community. Learn how to get help on the Platform.

DevOps requests

Not sure where to go to get things done on the platform? We've outlined common platform tasks and links to additional instructions. Learn how to get help with some of the most commonly searched-for tasks.