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About the design system

The BC Government Design System for Digital Services helps developers and designers build better digital products and services. It’s a collection of digital resources and tools, including a library of reusable user interface components and design patterns. The system makes it easier and faster to build custom B.C. government websites and applications.

On this page

Components are collectively built by the government community, meet accessibility standards and are open for input and improvement.

Use the design system to customize B.C. government sites and applications. For more information about applying for external URLs, contact the B.C. government Joint Working Group

Design system management

A team of designers, developers and the government community manage the design system. The system is part of DevHub, a project that brings together user interface and backend resources for digital teams.

The design system is open source, which means that anybody can provide input, offer suggestions and get involved. The system is collectively built and maintained by the government community.

How the design system works

The design system gives developers the tools they need to build digital government products and services. Because the community produces all tools and resources, we're committed to:

  • Maintenance: The community and design system management team supports the maintenance and development of new resources and tools. This means you can flag issues and they’ll be addressed, discuss rationale and directly chat with the management team whenever you need.

  • Collaboration: The system is only valuable if the community finds it valuable. If a tool or resource isn’t meeting your needs, tell us why and work with us to make it better. We can also come to you, in your office, at your desk and share what’s new, ask what you need and share how you can get involved.

  • Open-source development: The system is built in GitHub and meant to be shared and improved by everyone. The code is open source and our work is in the open. We are transparent about how choices are made and tools are improved.

Contribute to the design system

You can contribute to the design system by doing any of the following:

  • Help with design by suggesting a component or improving documentation.

  • Help with code by contributing to the code guide or reporting an issue.

  • Help with usability by contributing to component discussions or providing research findings.

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