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Evaluate open-source content

Use the following guidelines to make sure that you are able to use existing, open-source content on GitHub.

For more information on approval requirements, see Start working in the BC Gov GitHub organization.

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These guidelines help you make sure that there are no restrictions to using the material publicly. Restrictions may be due to one of the following concerns:

  • Privacy
  • Copyright
  • Legal, contractual or policy
  • Security

Evaluate the content you wish to use before posting the material in a GitHub repository.


Make sure that the content is free of personal information that may directly identify an individual (for example, name, phone number, photo, address, driver's licence number or any similar identification number).

Ministries may contact Knowledge and Information Services to assist in privacy assessments.

Make sure to meet the following requirements:

  • Content is created solely by B.C. government employees
  • Content is fully owned by the B.C. government and doesn't contain any third-party content. Collect copies of any contracts related to the content for review with the Intellectual Property Program (IPP)
  • Content has no terms of use or exclusive licences that prohibit the Province from licensing the content on GitHub. Collect information concerning any terms of use or licences related to the content for review with the IPP
  • You have authority to license the content

Ministries must contact the IPP to assist in this assessment. Any legal review or legal advice is provided by the Legal Services Branch.

Make sure that the public release and use of the content is permitted under law, contract or policy. For example, make sure that there are no relevant legal, contractual or policy restrictions or limitations.

If there are legal, contractual or policy restrictions or limitations on the content, you must address them before you can use the content.


Contact your Ministry Information Security Officer (MISO) to make sure that all necessary security controls have been implemented.

Make sure that the material has been labelled Public, using the Information Security Classification Framework.

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