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Prebuilt images

The Platform Services team maintains a number of prebuilt images. Use these images if you don't need to maintain your own custom versions.

Prebuilt images provide the following advantages:

  • Teams don't have to maintain their own builds.

  • The entire cluster benefits from lower resource consumption.

  • Builds tagged with "latest" are regularly rebuilt to pick up the latest security enhancements.

  • Images are available to all clusters through Artifactory.

The images are available from Artifactory and you can use the artifactory-creds secret in your namespaces to pull the images.

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All project sets on the platform are given a secret called artifactory-creds that can be used to pull images from the local Artifactory service. Include this secret in your configuration if you have a deployment or StatefulSet that uses one of these images.

        - name: artifactory-creds


Use the AppAssessment application to identify configuration issues in your namespaces and to improve resource consumption and health checks. For more information, see AppAssessment.

Images: AppAssessment images in Artifactory

Backup container

The community's database backup container supports four types of databases. Find an image to:

Caddy s2i

Pipeline templates that have been developed for the community use the Caddy s2i image. For more information, see s21-caddy-nodejs.

Images: Caddy s2i images in Artifactory


Pipeline templates that have been developed for the community use the CodeQL image. For more information, see codeql.

Images: CodeQL images in Artifactory

MongoDB 3.6 HA

This is version 3.6 of a MongoDB image that's ready for highly available applications. For more information, see mongodb-replicaset-container.

Images: MongoDB images in Artifactory


This image comes in two versions:

  • Patroni 1.6, with Postgres 12.4
  • Patroni 2.0, with Postgres 12.4

For more information, see patroni-postgres-container.

Images: Patroni/Postgres images in Artiactory

Legacy builds

Previously, some of these builds were available on the local image registry of each OpenShift cluster in the bcgov namespace.

Those builds are still there, but future enhancements will only be made to the images in Artifactory. Legacy builds are rebuilt monthly to let them incorporate security or bug fixes in the base image.

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