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Rocket.Chat channel descriptions

Last updated: October 19, 2023

Rocket.Chat is the main communication channel for platform support. Learn about some of the Rocket.Chat channels you have access to, and what they’re used for.

Note: This is not a comprehensive list. On this page we’ve outlined some of the more frequently used channels, but there are many more channels for you to discover. Take some time to explore Rocket.Chat and see if there are any other channels that interest you or that may be relevant to your application.

On this page

Platform service channels

Platform service channels are used for questions, updates and information about working in the B.C. Government Private Cloud PaaS and using OpenShift.


We monitor the #devops-sos channel during regular business hours.

Only use the #devops-sos channel for urgent or time-sensitive questions. For example, if you have:

  • A production problem with your application.
  • An issue with an OpenShift-hosted tool that is impacting the operations of the production instance of your application.

Note: The #devops-sos channel is for reporting issues related to the platform. Traditional B.C. government support channels (7-7000, IMB help desks, etc.) should be used for shared infrastructure such as reverse proxies, SiteMinder, firewall rules, etc.


Use the #devops-how-to channel to ask non-urgent questions about the BC Gov Private Cloud PaaS or OpenShift platform. For example, you can:

  • Ask for help solving a problem with your application or the platform.
  • Get feedback on a code snippet.
  • Learn about platform features or tools.
  • Ask for documentation or other support resources.


Use the #devops-operations channel to connect with the Platform Services team. For example, you can:

  • Talk to us about bringing a new product or tool to the platform.
  • Ask us for help tuning resources for your application.
  • Ask us for help with networking or storage services on the platform.


Use #devops-alerts to be notified about platform updates. We post information about upcoming or ongoing maintenance activities, incidents, outages and changes on the OpenShift platform.

Platform tool channels

Platform tool channels are used for discussions about the use and development of various platform tools. There is a separate channel dedicated to each tool:

  • Rocket.Chat: #rocketchat-help
  • Keycloak Single-Sign-On (SSO): #sso
  • Artifactory: #devops-artifactory
  • Vault Secrets Management: #devops-vault
  • Sysdig Monitor: #devops-sysdig
  • Patroni: #patroni

Other channels


Use the #general channel for anything that might be of interest to the platform community. You can also use this channel if you aren’t sure where to post your message.


Use the #kudos channel to post a public thank you message or applaud the work of an individual or team.


Use the #random channel to connect and engage with the platform community on subjects unrelated to the platform. Post (appropriate) jokes, share interesting information or articles and get to know other teams working on the platform.

How to create a new channel

You can also create Rocket.Chat channels, for new topics or for your team.

New channel conventions

Before creating a new channel in Rocket.Chat, consider the following questions:

1. Is the new channel necessary?

Only create a new channel if the topic you want to discuss is:

  • Not covered in an existing channel.
  • Expected to be relevant for a long period of time (over six months).
  • If your topic does not meet these guidelines, it may be better to create a Discussion in Rocket.Chat instead. Discussions are a great way to provide a dedicated space for talking about specific topics, without creating a new channel. Discussions are associated with an existing channel, and can be easily deleted once the discussion is no longer needed or relevant. Learn how to create a discussion in Rocket.Chat

2. Are you creating the channel for your team?

Private channels: If you want to create a channel in Rocket.Chat for your team, you can create a private channel that is available by invitation only.

Public channels: If you want to make a channel that is available to the whole platform community, you can create a public channel. Please let us know if you want to create a public channel, so we can help support the channel at a community level.

Learn more about the types of channels in Rocket.Chat.

Name your channel

Your channel name should be clear and concise, regardless of whether it is public or private. A new user should be able to understand what your channel is about, even if they’re not a member of your team.

When naming a team channel, make sure you include your team’s name and the topic of the channel, for example: #team-name-topic.