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Rocket.Chat etiquette

Last updated: July 10, 2023

While using Rocket.Chat, please follow Rocket.Chat etiquette and use the channels appropriately.

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How to ask a question or share information

We follow a community-based support model, and all members of the platform community (that includes you and your team) are expected to participate.

If you need help or have a question about working on the platform, you can post a question in Rocket.Chat. Then, it can be answered by another member on the platform.

If you aren’t sure what channel you should use to ask a question or share information, you can review the channel descriptions to find out what each channel is for. Choose the best channel for your message. If none of the channels seem suitable, you can use the #general channel to post your message.

Typical response times in Rocket.Chat are:

  • Four hours if a question is submitted during business hours
  • 24 hours if a question is submitted after business hours

If your question doesn’t get answered within a reasonable time, re-post it and tag your message using “@all” to get people’s attention.

Urgent or time-sensitive questions should be posted in the #devops-sos channel, so they can be addressed more quickly.

How to respond to a question or post

Rocket.Chat isn’t just a place to ask questions, it’s also an opportunity for you to support other teams.

Use the Reply feature in Rocket.Chat to answer a question or reply to someone’s post. Click the Reply button or the speech bubble icon on the post you want to reply to, then write your message in the text field. Other users can also reply to the same message. Replying to messages directly keeps channels organized, and notifies the person you’re responding to that someone has replied to their post.

Check Rocket.Chat often to keep up with discussions and see new posts. We do our best to manage and moderate conversations in Rocket.Chat, but the success and sustainability of the community-based support model depends on participation from platform community members like you.