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External training resources

The resources below are from sources outside of the B.C. government. They provide additional context and support to go along with your training from the Platform Services team.


What is RedHat OpenShift? - by RedHat

OpenShift Documentation - by RedHat

Kubernetes Documentation - by Kubernetes

O'Reilly Learning

Site Reliability Engineering by Google / O'Reilly Publishing

The Site Reliability Workbook by Google / O'Reilly Publishing

Red Hat Cheat Sheets by Red Hat

The Twelve-Factor App - by Heroku (Adam Wiggins)


Deploying to OpenShift Red Hat / O'Reilly Publishing

Building Secure and Reliable Systems by Google / O'Reilly Publishing

Free account required:

OpenShift for Developers, 2nd ed. by Red Hat / O'Reilly Publishing

DevOps with OpenShift by Red Hat / O'Reilly Publishing

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